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Puppet Rebellion are all that you want and need!

On the road again, armed with anthems, GTS catches up with the band and finds them sounding better than ever.

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Follow The Road to The Dunwells

The Dunwells will reward your Blind Sighted Faith: Given to Sound takes a look at their classy debut.

The Dunwell’s are a five piece from Leeds and their debut album Blind Sighted Faith came to our attention recently. Their website  biography begins “utterly natural, there’s no more fitting description for the music as well as the story of their magical rise”… Given to Sound would like to take issue with that; for a kick off magic isn’t natural, it is a construct, it is sleight of hand and distraction to cover up what is actually occurring, deception, if you will. A lot of band’s do that, make a big noise to cover up what is in reality an alarming lack of talent.

This does not apply to The Dunwells. It isn’t a product of magic, it’s not a big loud noise to distract and deceive, it’s the product of hard work and obvious talent. While the band are in America on tour we consider it our public service duty to take you through the album so that when they return home, you can say you were warned.

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Christian Kane – Let Me Go and More!

Given to Sound favourite Christian Kane song Let Me Go is from the album The House Rules, released in 2010. NOW UPDATED WITH THE OFFICIAL “LET ME GO” VIDEO.

Behind the Scenes Christian…

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March the Fourth Be With You!

Thank you to everyone who has visited Given To Sound, especially if you have done so in the last few hours because you have helped set the highest reader / visitor numbers since 2007. The previous best figure has been more than doubled  tripled as of end of day , making 4th March 2011 a kick-ass day and me one very happy person.

There’s new stuff up I’m incredibly proud of but most of the attention is because of the Christian Kane stuff so HUGE thanks to Kaniacs (and I’ve seen the stats to prove it).

I’ve sat and written words that get nowhere, it’s only right to point out when some words get everywhere. It’s a pleasure to write about Chris and I know there will be more to say, somewhere down the road.

In the meantime, there’s more music to hear and more words to write. Working hard on new articles that are going to be here very soon.

Peace, Love and Soul – Simon xxx

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Christian Kane’s House Rules, No Doubt

The wait was nearly over; “I can do it, I can do it, I can actually ring up the radio station and request a song off it!”

That was the message emailed to me by an aquaintence in December. Christian Kane’s major label debut (second first album, if you like) had release dates and it was all official. There was  a very big feeling of “At last” in the air.

At last, the album everyone’s wanted has arrived.

At last, when you type in Christian Kane’s name in Amazon there’s an album alongside the television stuff (and not Live Fast Die Never – Angel Soundtrack)

AT LAST wider circles of people will be able to hear what Kaniacs have been saying for years. It’s not important when you walked into the house; it’s that you found your way there.

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