Christian Kane – Let Me Go and More!

Given to Sound favourite Christian Kane song Let Me Go is from the album The House Rules, released in 2010. NOW UPDATED WITH THE OFFICIAL “LET ME GO” VIDEO.

Behind the Scenes Christian…

If you are reading this in the US, programme directors of radio stations near you get their hands on this single today. Call them all day and tell them you want to hear it. If you have a big family, get each of them to call too. If you don’t have a big family, GTS apologises and recommends that you join a social networking site, make friends and tell them to call their radio stations!

GTS continues to wish Christian all the best with his album and this quality single from it.

WHAT WE SAID THEN: (March, 2011)

…boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks, maybe not even enough going for him to wear the ‘blue collar’ this time, she’ll never forget him, the leader of the pack… *sound of motorcycle riding off optional, maybe a ’56 Ford*

* the Epiphany and Dead End episodes of Angel feature  Christian’s own ’56 Ford.


He may be the leader of the pack, but she’s not letting him on the motorcycle without her.

It’s a ‘story’ song that seems to be about a man doing the right thing, with a true country twist towards the end. The girl calls a spade a spade and informs the guy that he’s not leaving her, they’re leaving together and everything is going to be ok. Well maybe not, but good or bad it’s going to happen together. It’s the kind of love song with a twist that country artists (and Meatloaf) do so well.

Songs like this are the leverage needed for a long and successful career, Christian Kane is fine by us.


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One response to “Christian Kane – Let Me Go and More!

  • Mary Lynne Schuster

    Thank you! I love this guy and his work. Thanks to Christian I’ve started listening to other country music as well, but there is something special about him. Every song is fun and catchy and listenable, but the lyrics also have a depth and his voice a passion I don’t hear from everyone else.

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