About Given to Sound

“The hungry and the hunted, explode into rock and roll bands, that face off against each other out in the street down in Jungleland!” 

I can talk about music all day long. I can sit down and play the same song over and over again. I don’t think owning 47 out takes of a Beatles’ song is out of line. I like listening lyrics and wondering what it all means. I like finding out that some music means something and I like the music that means nothing more than pure fun. 

Music is a great leveller. When you meet people for the first time there are very few ways you can connect – some may not like football, I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. Music is one of those things that people will connect over. If someone you have never met is listening to the Stone Roses, you can find out which side of the second album fence they fall on – love it or hate it. I’ve been to concerts where I have seen big men who are as tough as they come, moved to tears by Clarence’s solo in the middle of the song “Jungleland”. I’ve seen artists walk out on stage and command silence from a seventy five thousand strong crowd. I was watching Queen Live at Wembley and David Hepworth interviewing Bruce Springsteen during the ‘Born in the USA Tour’, while other less fortunate souls were watching Thundercats. Don’t get me wrong I can talk cartoons any time you like but by way of introduction this is ‘Given to Sound’.

In terms of inspiration I would say very few people are un-touchable in my affections, but Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles are pretty close.  So named because as my brother Daniel pointed out it has been given to sound. Here you will find album reviews and other music based jollity.  Some of the reviews will be current, some will be on music from some years ago. Some artists covered may not even have a record deal yet. Every word of it will be passionate and hopefully worth reading.  

My opinions are not the end of the story, they should be just the beginning. The music of all the artists is there to inspire reactions, it just so happens that I put my reactions to it on here and other assorted places. 

Drop the needle and pray!


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