March the Fourth Be With You!

Thank you to everyone who has visited Given To Sound, especially if you have done so in the last few hours because you have helped set the highest reader / visitor numbers since 2007. The previous best figure has been more than doubled  tripled as of end of day , making 4th March 2011 a kick-ass day and me one very happy person.

There’s new stuff up I’m incredibly proud of but most of the attention is because of the Christian Kane stuff so HUGE thanks to Kaniacs (and I’ve seen the stats to prove it).

I’ve sat and written words that get nowhere, it’s only right to point out when some words get everywhere. It’s a pleasure to write about Chris and I know there will be more to say, somewhere down the road.

In the meantime, there’s more music to hear and more words to write. Working hard on new articles that are going to be here very soon.

Peace, Love and Soul – Simon xxx

One More Shot

Here’s some of Christian Kane’s youtube videos. There’s a Given to Sound favourite from 2007, the director’s cut video to The House Rules and some other stuff as well.

If you’re not a Kaniac and you think you could be, do the reading, watch the music videos and listen, you’d be in some very good company. Chris’ websites are all on GtS as well so show them so mouse clicky love when you’re done watching.

This is a fan video made around the same tour, if the people featured have any issues with this being here please get in touch.

The House Rules music video – Director’s Cut

The man himself


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