Elbow Tour 2014 – Newcastle Setlist

Intro, the instrumental part of This Blue World). Part of me was gutted this wasn’t the full thing, but it works as an intro well.


The Bones of You

Open Arms

Real Life (Angel)

The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver

The Night Will Always Win

Puncture Repair
Puncture and the song before it really hit me as a pair. Anytime you hear Puncture Repair done live, be glad. I tingled from head to toe.

The Blanket of Night

The Birds

Grounds for Divorce

These two really work together. Might have expected Leaders but The Birds is heavy live. Grounds, well, crowd favourite as always.

Fly Boy Blue / Lunette (restarted)

My Sad Captains
Already sounds like a staple in the set. Loved this, all of them singing together on a song about friendships and life. This one could be the sister of Weather to Fly. That’s about the boys in the band and this is about the outside friends who aren’t seen as often because life moves pretty fast.


New York Morning

Guy did the usual ‘Good night!’ fake leaving the stage thing but not before he asked us to pick a song to sing to get them back on. Someone in the crowd chose ‘Daydream Believer’ and when the band left, sure enough up it started. It morphed into the football version where I was sat.

Having been used to hearing this as the intro it was nice to see it switched but still kept. Still keeps the ‘beginning’ vibe it had just now it begins the encore.

Lippy Kids
A favourite, the crowd participation gives me goosebumps.

One Day Like This



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