Puppet Rebellion – Chemical Friends EP

LAST NIGHT the wait was over and Manchester band Puppet Rebellion pressed the buttons that released their new EP Chemical Friends to the world. If you were waiting, welcome to the other side, you can now hear the fully realised album in all its glory. If you weren’t waiting and you have no idea who the band is then do yourself a favour, download the tracks and wake up your brain, it is new music and it has got people excited. Click to download the EP here.

The first track of the EP, the title track, hits you with an immediacy, an urgency that carries you along – it’s a bit dark and yet still catchy. Next The Greatest Lie Ever Told is an absolute tune, it has a beat that drives and melodic guitar that lays on top. The vocals are one thing ‘we don’t need you, I don’t believe you’ may well be in your head this time tomorrow and the singer goes from yearny and sweet to stinging and raw effortlessly, the drums and guitar work take this song up a level for me because when they come to the fore around the 2 min 30 mark, you’ll believe it. Simon has never sounded better vocally than he does on this track, or on this album generally.

The New Twenty is a chimey, chirpey upbeat track with a really cheeky melody.

There’s a feeling when you listen to the EP that it isn’t designed to slowly grow on you, it’s almost as if it doesn’t want to wait for that, it’s not going to politely sit and wait for you to mull it over and decide if it’s interesting or not – it’s going to grab you by the unmentionables and take you on a quality ride. Chemical Friends is fast and it’s furious, it’s melodic, it’s engaging and it sounds instant but the band have worked very hard and taken their time to put the strongest songs out there, it shows.

This is a very strong EP. Forward the rebellion!

Words © 2013 Simon Andrew Moult / MoultyMedia

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