Scissor Sisters – Filth Never Sounded So Fab!

Maybe it’s just me but it seems in fashion right now to completely record an album, hate it, bin it and start again. The Scissor Sisters’ ‘Night Work’ owes much to the fact that Jake did one to Berlin when the original recording sessions didn’t provide the sounds that the band wanted.

We have something to thank Germany for then, because the new album (released Monday 28th ) is dripping in class. They won’t deliver their debut album again, so don’t go expecting that, be thankful they had the nuts to take their time and rip it up and start again when needed.
This is wonderfully sleazy, slinky, catchy and funky. In the coming weeks we have enough artists looking to release the soundtrack to your summer, well, this is the soundtrack for the other side of midnight.

Highlights include ‘Whole New Way’, musically it gets to you and lyrically it’s a cheeky little piece, so to speak. As if to hit the sleaze right on the head, Jake sings “we can talk about relationships, but there’s better things to fill your head with”. Who wants love songs anyway?

Apparently you either love or hate ‘Fire with Fire’. Sell out anthem? Single-minded (literally). I don’t care it’s a tune and so what if the lyrics are a bit floury, it’s a hands in the air moment and isn’t ashamed of being that. ‘Any Which Way’ could be the cousin of ‘Tits on the Radio’ (definitely kissing), I hear bits of Fleetwood Mac in the music too (Go Your Own Way, in case you wondered). All the Scissor characteristics are here in this one, the vocals especially. ‘Harder You Get’ owes something Bowie’s ‘Fashion’, and the vocals are low, low down; “Don’t point that thing at me unless you plan to shoot”.

‘Skin This Kat’ sees Ana sounding very Kylie, that, ‘Skin Tight’ and ‘Night Life’ are immediate and ‘Invisible Light’ seems to have everyone in a spin. Putting it last is a masterstroke; a great last note to end on before the sun comes up and the delicious people go to bed. Musically, it’s broody and it’ll catch you before you know it (if it hasn’t already, seeing as it was teased on the band’s website for weeks).

Lyrically as a whole, there’s a few moments of “Ok, ok, we get it, it’s about sex….oooooh”, and that can be frustrating but then again, the album is called ‘Night Work’, people. Musically, think 1980’s, bits of Kraftwerk, a sprinkling of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, David Bowie, Duran Duran in places, Depeche Mode and whoever else you can think of.
It’s a third album, they’ve taken their time and thought about it. It’s impressive. A concept album maybe; not that you have to guess what the concept is.

Musical sexy, catchy, filth. Fabulous!

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