A Tribute to Mr. Manchester

“Jazz is the last refuge of the untalented. Jazz musicians enjoy themselves more than anyone listening to them does”
If you know anything about music at all, no, even if you don’t, you have to show respect to the legendary Anthony H. Wilson, who sadly passed away yesterday. Chances are he has had an influence on the tunes you listen to today, because he either broke them to an unsuspecting world, or the band that he signed made the music that inspired the bands that you are now into. If you don’t buy into his musical legacy, or the myth and legend of the Hacienda then you cannot argue that he was a presence on Granada TV broadcasts and never short of an opinion or two.

Tony Wilson discovered and signed the Happy Mondays, signed New Order – albeit not officially in writing as this went against Wilson’s ideas of the freedom of music. Such moves went against the tide of normal practice but ensured that the bands themselves owned their music. “All our bands are free to fuck off whenever they please” said Wilson.

I like the whole regional pride thing that Anthony H Wilson seemed to have become famous for. There is, after all, nothing wrong with the cities and towns of the North West of England and it is not impossible to be a success in whatever you want to do, without selling your soul and moving down to the capital.

I have no doubt the man was not perfect. People a lot higher than myself will inevitably throw the ‘genius’ word around over the next few days and whether he was or not I don’t know.

He liked music, he was a regionalist, a proud Northerner and he should be remembered and appreciated for what he meant to Manchester.

Sad news indeed

‘…Manchester where it always rains and down south where it’s always supposedly sunny, you took our water and ideas and what have you got to show for it – Chas and Dave!’


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